July 25, 2024

Eloy Zarriello

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Boost Employee Engagement with These Fun Activities

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If you’re managing a remote team, chances are you have concerns about employee engagement. After all, it’s hard to get a sense of how they’re feeling if they can’t share their thoughts with you face-to-face. Adding to this challenge is the fact that most remote employees are working outside their home office—something that can often lead to isolation and loneliness. In this article, we’ll discuss some fun activities for remote teams so that you can boost engagement in your employees and keep them happy and productive!

Bond in a virtual office setting

Virtual offices can be a great way to bring your team together, but it’s important to remember that not everyone will feel comfortable in this type of environment. To help ensure that everyone is included, make sure you:

  • Include remote employees in office activities as much as possible (e.g., by inviting them over for lunch or taking group photos).
  • Encourage workers who don’t normally work from home to come into the office once in a while, especially if they are based overseas and would like some face time with their colleagues.

Take your team on an adventure

Employee engagement is a key factor in employee retention, productivity and performance. If you want to keep your employees happy, have them participate in activities outside of work. One way to do this is by organizing a team-building event that takes place outside the office.

The best type of activity depends on the type of people you work with–if they’re adventurous and love traveling, then plan an adventure trip together! Here’s how:

  • Decide where you want to go based on what everyone wants (or if there are any specific interests). Do some research so that when someone says “I want” X place,” you can say “We can do Y!” It’s important for everyone involved that they feel heard; otherwise it’ll be hard for them to get excited about participating later on down the line when things get going again after this initial planning phase has passed through its final stages.”

Play games at lunchtime

Games are a great way to bond with your co-workers. They can also be used as a fun way to break up the day and relax for a few minutes, or even learn more about each other.

A game of ping pong is always entertaining, especially if you have a pool table at work! If not, then maybe take advantage of some free time on break by playing some cards or board games together. Games such as bocce ball and shuffleboard are also great ways to get out there on the floor while having some fun!

Bring back the fun

Employees are more productive when they enjoy their work. The trick is to get them to look at it as fun and not just a job.

It’s easy for employees to become bored or disengaged in the workplace, especially if they spend most of their days doing repetitive tasks that don’t require much thought or creativity. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With some careful planning and attention paid toward your staff members’ needs, you can make sure everyone has plenty of opportunities for engaging in activities that bring out their best selves–and help them feel more connected with one another as well as with your company culture overall. Here are some ideas:

Organize an office hackathon

A hackathon is an event where people come together to work on a project or idea that they are passionate about. For example, you could organize your own “hackathon” with your team members to help them engage with each other and have fun while working on something new.

Hackathons can be great ways for remote teams to bond, as they provide opportunities for everyone on the team to communicate face-to-face and collaborate on projects in person. They also give employees an opportunity to develop their skills, which can help them feel more connected with their organization’s mission overall.

Here are some tips for organizing an office hackathon:

  • Make sure everyone is on board before you start planning anything! You don’t want anyone feeling left out because he wasn’t informed about what was going on until after it happened–so make sure everyone knows about any upcoming events well in advance so there aren’t any surprises along the way (and if someone doesn’t want anything else than just being able

Remote employees need more than just work to feel engaged and stay productive.

Remote employees need more than just work to feel engaged and stay productive.

They need to feel like they are part of a team, their work is appreciated and they are making a difference.


In conclusion, we hope that you’ve found some inspiration here for how to get your remote team engaged and productive. There are so many ways to do this, and the key is finding something that works for everyone in the office. But don’t worry if you don’t have time or budget for any of these ideas–the most important thing is just finding something fun that everyone can participate in together!

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